Renal Vein Renin Determinations in Evaluating Hypertensive Children

  • M. J. Dillon
Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 3)


The determination of renal vein renin levels in identifying surgically curable forms of renal hypertension in adults is well established.1.2 Since semi-micro methods for measuring plasma renin have become available these techniques have also been applied successfully to the investigation of children with various types of hypertensive renal disease.3–5 Elevations of the renal venous plasma reran ratio between the affected kidney (R) and the contralateral or less affected kidney (Rc) has been used as an index of asymmetrical renin release and predictor of surgical relief of renal hypertension.1.6 The plasma reran ratio between Rc and the inferior vena cava (P) has been suggested as an estimate of suppression of renin release from the contralateral kidney.2


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