Comparison of some membrane-bound ATPases of glycophytes and halophytes

  • Natalya I. Tikhaya
  • Natalya E. Mishutina
Part of the Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences book series (DPSS, volume 4)


In our previous studies we have shown that barley roots contain a membrane-bound ATPase that requires Mg and is additionally stimulated with Na + K ions by 34% [6]. If the ATPase is responsible for pumping sodium ions out and potassium ions into the cells, it is logical to suggest that a higher activity of this enzyme will be observed in halophytes grown on saline soils than in glycophytes.


Sugar Adenosine MgCl2 Ouabain 


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  • Natalya I. Tikhaya
    • 1
  • Natalya E. Mishutina
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  1. 1.K. A. Timiriazev Institute of Plant PhysiologyAcademy of SciencesMoscowU.S.S.R.

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