Variety X Environment Interaction in Vicia faba in Relation to the Genetic Structure of Varieties

  • J. le Guen
  • P. Berthelem
Part of the World Crops: Production, Utilization, and Description book series (WCPU, volume 4)


Yield stability is an important character to breed into field beans. This stability depends on various parameters among which genetical structure predominates.

Ten varieties, comprising four French winter synthetic, four English winter synthetic, one Franco-English hybrid and one French local population, have been tested in two locations for four years.

Different statistical methods have been used to assess stability among varieties. It seems that stability is more important in winter field beans than it is generally thought to be. There were no important differences between French and English synthetic varieties, except for one of them which was unstable. The results show that the highest yielding varieties are also the most stable.


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  • J. le Guen
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  • P. Berthelem
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