Survey of the Breeding Work on Vicia faba at VEG Saatzucht Gotha/Friedrichswerth

  • M. H. Poulsen
Part of the World Crops: Production, Utilization, and Description book series (WCPU, volume 4)


VEG Saatzucht Gotha/Friedrichswerth is the centre for practical breeding work on Vicia faba in the German Democratic Republic. It comprises two. stations, one in Gotha and one in Friedrichswerth, some 20 km apart. Dr. agro Habil Rudolf Steuckardt is the leader of the breeding work on which 22 scientifically trained co-workers, plus a number of technical assistants, are engaged.

The work on Vicia faba is divided into basic research work, practical breeding and maintenance breeding. The basic research work comprised an eight year programme on comparisons among the effects of mass selection, poly-cross and top-cross. Further, the relationships between nitrogen content, seed yield and protein quality were studied. Studies on cross pollination had shown the outcrossing to be approximately 50%.

Work on mutation, disease resistance, auto fertility, F1 hybrids and yield physiology are in progress.

The practical breeding work comprised a large area of experimental/evaluation plots. The pedigree method is used extensively. Several new types were being or had been examined, but there was still much faith in the conventional type as represented by the two German Democratic Republic varieties Fribo and Erfordia.


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