The Current Antibiotic Sensitivity of Haemophilus Influenzae

  • J. C. Gould
Part of the New Perspectives in Clinical Microbiology book series (NPCM, volume 4)


Until recently the sensitivity of Haemophilus influenzae and Pneumococcus to the commonly used antibiotics was regarded as highly predictable. Because of this, and the accepted importance of these organisms as frequent causes of respiratory tract infection, the reliance on bacteriological examinations of secretions of the respiratory tract has been low and the value of laboratory reports regarded as of limited value [1]. However the appearance of strains of H. influenzae more resistant to certain antibiotics, particularly beta-lactamase—producing strains, has focussed attention on variability in antibiotic-sensitivity and the need to carry out more detailed laboratory examinations. These are certainly of great value when the clinician is dealing with blood-borne infection due to Haemophilus spp with or without respiratory infection, for example in meningitis, arthritis or epiglottitis when warning of possible clinical failure can be given and advice on the appropriate antibiotic for treatment.


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