Prostaglandin Procedures

  • Marc A. Bygdeman


Although effective contraceptive methods are available, induced abortion remains important as a means of fertility control all over the world. Considerable efforts have been devoted to the study of and improvements in abortion technology. Further refinements are still possible, however, in terms of greater effectiveness, diminished complications, enhanced technical ease, greater convenience, and lower costs. This is particularly true for second-trimester procedures, where the techniques currently in use result in significantly higher maternal morbidity and mortality compared to first-trimester abortions. For many years the most widely used method for terminating pregnancy in the second trimester has been the intraamniotic administration of hypertonic saline. More recently, however, intraamniotic prostaglandins have been used with increasing frequency and considerable success. At present, the use of PGF has been approved by drug safety regulating authorities in approximately 50 countries.


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