T-Cell Subpopulations in Crohn’s Disease

  • A. S. Peña
  • Jetske Cnossen
  • Mieke G. Damsteeg
  • Irene T. Weterman
  • C. J. L. M. Meijer
Part of the Developments in Gastroenterology book series (DIGA, volume 1)


Human T lymphocytes bearing receptors for the Fc portion of rabbit IgG [Tγ ] and rabbit IgM [Tµ ] have been identified (1,2). The Tµ subclass appears to help B-cell differentiation induced by pokeweed mitogen. Tγ cells after interaction with IgG immune complexes suppress B-cell differentiation (3).


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  • A. S. Peña
  • Jetske Cnossen
  • Mieke G. Damsteeg
  • Irene T. Weterman
  • C. J. L. M. Meijer

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