Immunoglobulins in Patients with Evidenced Bronchogenic Carcinoma

  • Veroslava Marković-Vuković
  • I. Piliš
  • M. Movsesijan
Part of the Developments in Surgery book series (DISU, volume 3)


Immunological reactivity of the organism to tumorous tissue is manifested by humoral and cellular immune response. Usual approach to the study of these immunological manifestations does not give sa­tisfactory results. However, some recent examinations with regard to the quantitation, determination and isolation of specific antibodies offers a better basis for the study of specific immunological respon­se in an adequate way (4).


Cellular Immune Response Serum Immunoglobulin BRONCHOGENIC Carcinoma Local Synthesis Recent Examination 
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  • Veroslava Marković-Vuković
  • I. Piliš
  • M. Movsesijan

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