Study to Design and Manufacture an Insulating Translucent Glass Panel Made with Evacuated Pyrex Tubes

  • Corning France
  • M. M. Liebard
  • Alexandroff
Conference paper
Part of the Solar Energy R&D in the European Community book series (SRDA, volume 2)


The net gain between absorption during the day and losses during the night of a glass panel is a function of the transmission of the light and the K coefficient of heat loss.

In order to reduce this coefficient K, several products are now sold on the market:
  • Double glazing K = 3,2 W / M2°C

  • Triple glazing K = 2,4 W/M2°C

  • Ref single glass K = 5 W/M2°C

The purpose of this project is to develop a translucent panel which can both transmit solar radiation and be a permanent insulation, using tubes of Pyrex in which a relative vacuum

has been created. The objective is to confirm that such a panel will have K coefficient between 0,6 and 1,3 W/M2°C.


Polystyrene ECSC 


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  • Corning France
  • M. M. Liebard
  • Alexandroff

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