Analytical Chemistry of the Atmospheric Aerosol

  • Dieter Klockow
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (ASIC, volume 96)


In the following contribution it is shown, how analytical chemistry can be used for the characterization of the atmospheric aerosol. After an introductory discussion about nature and origin of aerosol particles the techniques for sampling of airborne particulate matter prior to analysis are treated in detail. Particle collection methods without and with size fractionation as well as sampling artifacts are included In the following section the analytical methodology applied to the investigation of the collected material is summarized with respect to principal aerosol constituents such as elements of crustal origin, organic carbon, anthropogenic trace metals, and conversion products of reactive trace gases (S02; N0x, NH3). Finally the technical requirements for surface and depth profile measurements of solid aerosol are briefly discussed.


Aerosol Particle Ammonium Salt Atmospheric Aerosol Airborne Particle Airborne Particulate Matter 
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