Biological Effects of the Cyclodextrin Complexes of 2-Chloromethylphosphonic Acid

  • M. Tétényi
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Inclusion Science book series (AIS, volume 1)


A crystalline inclusion complex containing 29% of 2-chloroethyl-phosphonic acid /CEPA/ in α-cyclodextrin similarly to free CEPA releases ethylene in plant as well.

Following the ethylene production by manometric method /Warburg technique/ a retarded ethylene release was observed with the inclusion complex, as compared with the non-complexed CEPA. Complex-treated plant leaves showed a 60% active substance penetration in tissues by the 6. hour, compared with leaves treated with free CPPA showing 90%. Assuring “prolonged ethylene effect” in plant tissues, this retarded absorption and the retarded ethylene-release caused increased physiological ethylene-reaction: defoliation occured earlier and in a greater percentage in the abscission-test of the complex than in that of the free form of active substance.

Agronomical use of 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid -α-cyclodextrin complex may result a decrease of effective dose /saving material, lowering the pollution of the environment/. This retarded ethylene-effect assures the “physiological ripeness” at those vegetables /like sweet pepper, red pepper/ where the usual acceleration for “market ripening” causes deterioration of quality.


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