Kopplung Eines Hochleistungschromatographen Mit Einem Massenspektrometer

  • K. Levsen


The current state of on-line coupling of a liquid chromatograph with a mass spectrometer (LC/MS) is reviewed. The two commercially available systems are discussed in detail: (a) With the movingbelt system the LC effluent is transported on a kapton belt through two vacuum locks into the ion source of the mass spectrometer. The solvent is removed from the belt by evaporation within the vacuum locks. The belt is heated up inside the ion source leading to a flash evaporation of the sample into the ionization chamber. (b) With the direct liquid introduction (DLI) system the LC effluent is split in the interface and ~ 1% of the effluent is directly introduced into the ion source operating in the chemical ionization (CI) mode. The LC solvent acts as CI reagent gas. If a micro HPLC is used the total effluent can be introduced into the ion source. Moreover, a recently developped jet-interface is described The potential of newer mass spectrometric ionization methods such as plasma desorption, laser induced mass spectrometry, secondary ion mass spectrometry and fast atom bombardment for future HPLC-MS interfaces will be discussed.


Chemical Ionization Fast Atom Bombardment Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Flash Evaporation Plasma Desorption 
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  • K. Levsen
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  1. 1.Institute of Physical ChemistryUniversity of BonnGermany

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