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  • Wesley C. Salmon
Part of the Australasian Studies in History and Philosophy of Science book series (AUST, volume 1)


Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1925, I attended elementary and secondary school there, and took two years’ work at Wayne (now Wayne State) University. By the time I entered college, I had decided to become a Methodist minister. In 1944, I went to the University of Chicago Divinity School, but after losing my belief in virtually every tenet of Christianity, as well as all confidence in the social value of religion, I switched my major to philosophy. During that period, Whitehead’s metaphysics appealed strongly to me; I took an MA degree in 1947 with a thesis on Whitehead. To my dying day I shall deeply regret the fact that I had not one course from Carnap, who was a member of the Philosophy Department at Chicago at that time.


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