Two Scientific Establishments which Shape the Pattern of Cancer Research in Germany: Basic Science and Medicine

  • Rainer Hohlfeld
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During the last five years, the war against cancer has become a serious issue in political debates among health politicians, science policy-makers, the medical profession, scientists and the general public in the Federal Republic of Germany. The German debate started with a time lag of at least ten years compared to the U.S. cancer crusade and cancer debates which culminated in the biggest research programme ever known in the biosciences — the U.S. National Cancer Program Plan of 1974 (1). The questions in the German discussion were: are we lagging behind the American effort? What remains to be done in view of this American crash programme? Does it make any sense to deal with the cancer problem as if it were a ‘biological’ moonshot? How can German cancer efforts best be coordinated? (2) The German government and science administration’s response to these questions was to set the priorities and goals within the frame of the “Programme of the Federal Government for the Promotion of Research and Development in the Service of Health Care” (3).


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