Coke Formation in the Gas Phase and on Surfaces

  • D. L. Trimm
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSE, volume 54)


One of the most common causes of catalyst deactivation is as a result of coke formation on the surface of the catalyst. Whenever there are carbon containing molecules being processed at reasonably high temperatures, there is a possibility of deactivation by coke formation. Note, however, that coke formation is more of a problem than carbon formation, since the formation of carbonaceous material is a complex process which involves different types of tars and carbons. The overall deposit (coke) may contain high boiling point polycyclic aromatic compounds (tars) which may or may not contain heteroatoms and ordered or disordered carbon originating in the gas phase (gas phase carbon) or on a surface (surface carbon). Formation of surface carbon may be promoted by the nature of the material of the surface (catalytic carbon).


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