Cervical Carcinoma in Kuwait

  • H. Hathout
  • S. Motawy
  • S. Hassan
Part of the Developments in Obstetrics and Gynecology book series (DIOG, volume 6)


Kuwait is an Arab Moslem country with a rapidly growing population that increased from one third of a million in 1961 to one and one third million in 1980. The Kuwaiti population constitutes less than half of the total inhabitants, as the remainder represents imported - mainly Arab - labor. The way of life of the society reflects on the magnitude of the cervical cancer problem, being devoid of some of the currently established socio-etiologic factors (Abel 1973). Sexual conservatism is prevalent, and the incidence of premarital sex is unacceptable. Religious dictates also include male circumcision, meticulous genital hygiene in both sexes and a ritual bath after intercourse, menstruation and the puerperium.


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  • H. Hathout
  • S. Motawy
  • S. Hassan

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