High-Resolution Seminal Plasma Protein Patterns in Normal and Infertile Men

  • M. Balerna
  • A. Campana
  • D. Fabbro
  • U. Eppenberger
Part of the Clinics in Andrology book series (CLAN, volume 8)


Seminal plasma has been the subject of studies dealing with its composition, homeostatic regulation and interaction with spermatozoa in men, and especially in non-human primates, for a long time (cf. Mann, 1975, 1977). Even today, however, there does not exist a unitary concept about its role(s). The older view (i.e. of seminal plasma as a transport and possible buffering fluid) is rapidly changing as our physiological and biochemical knowledge evolves. The investigations on split-ejaculates as well as the numerous analytical studies made in recent years have in fact revealed several metabolic, enzymologic, immunologic and sperm protecting functions (Mann, 1977; Tauber et al., 1975, 1976; Lindholmer et al., 1974; Umapathy et al, 1980; Chang et al., 1977; Oliphant, 1976). Clinical evidence also begins to suggest that the ejaculate in its integrity (and not only the spermatozoon) is of importance for the achievement of high pregnancy rates in artificial insemination (J. Kremer, personal communication).


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  • M. Balerna
    • 1
  • A. Campana
  • D. Fabbro
  • U. Eppenberger
  1. 1.Servizio di Endocrinologia GinecologicaOspedale Distrettuale “La Carità”LocarnoSwitzerland

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