Osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus

  • S. Forgács
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Earlier, diabetes was unanimously considered to predispose patients to osteoporosis (Albright and Reifenstein 1948, Berney 1952, Bartelheimer and Smitt-Rhode 1956), as osteoporosis occurred in about half of the adult patients with diabetes. In 1961 Kuhlencordt et al. discussed osteoporosis as a form of diabetic osteopathy. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in modern textbooks and in several papers diabetes is listed among the causes of osteoporosis. Such data are reported even in some current papers. Arcangeli and Toccofondi (1970) and Efimov et al. (1972) report osteoporosis in 33%–67% of the diabetics, but the method they used for determining osteoporosis is not referred to. Neumann and Arnold (1970), examining patients with osteoporosis of the spine, found diabetes in 23%. Santiago et al. (1977) examined diabetic children, 25% of whom had cortical thickness below the normal values. Diankov et al. (1979), using different methods, found a significant loss of bone in juvenile diabetes and a moderate decrease in bone mineral content in patients with maturity-onest diabetes. Rizvi et al. (1977) carried out iliac crest biopsy in 40 patients with diabetes mellitus. In 25 cases moderate while in 4 cases mild osteoporosis were found.


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