Further Development of the Precarbon Process

  • W. Rohde


The further development of the Precarbon process is de-signed to achieve rationalisation in operation and reduction of capital expenditure and running costs.

At the experimental coking plant, various technical measures were tested with the above end in view:
  • - A twin-stage flash drier, which, in a single column, dries the coal and preheats it to approx. 200°C.

  • - A single-stage flash drier with intermediate separation and dual product acceleration, which similarly heats the coal to approx. 200°C.

  • - A chain conveyor permanently connected to the chamber ovens of a coke battery.

Operational experience with the newly developed Precarbon equipment will be described; particular attention will be paid to the thermal characteristics of the preheating apparatus in comparison with the conventional double-stage flash drier.

Three different locking mechanisms were tested for the new charging conveyor. The tapered connection proved particularly suitable. For purposes of demonstration, a charging conveyor was connected up to four operating ovens. The shut- off devices in the transfer chutes are of the modified tapered connection type; they were subjected to continuous testing and emerged as the best.


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