Changes in the relative abundance of Polyarthra vulgaris and P. dolichoptera, following the elimination of fish

  • Jan A. E. Stenson
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 14)


Two rotifers, Polyarthra vulgaris and P. dolichoptera may have different temperature and oxygen optima. In addition, they consume similar foods including Chryptomonadales and Crysomonadales. P. dolichoptera disappeared from the plankton after experimental elimination of fish from a small lake. The disappearance may have been caused by a change in temporal availability of suitable food species (e.g. crysomonads) during early spring. A lack of food during this period, when the water was still cold, may have influenced the competitive balance between the two Polyarthra species.


rotifers feeding diet competition niche displacement field experiment 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jan A. E. Stenson
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  1. 1.Department of ZoologyUniversity of GöteborgGöteborgSweden

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