Extragalactic Cosmic Rays, Active Galaxies and Quasi-Stellar Objects

  • G. Burbidge
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 107)


The origins of cosmic rays remain unknown, though much work has been done on this problem, particularly in the last twenty five years since the discovery of the non-thermal radio sources. Ginsburg and Syrovatsky in their book, and at a series of cosmic-ray conferences have made a very strong case for the hypothesis that nearly all of the cosmic ray flux (with the possible exception of those with the very highest energies) arise from sources in our Galaxy. On the other hand, Brecher and I (1972) proposed that a good case could be made for supposing that the bulk of the nucleonic cosmic ray flux arises outside the Galaxy and is generated by powerful extragalactic sources. Many aspects of the problem have not changed in the ten years since this detailed extragalactic hypothesis was being debated. The basic questions which apply to the cosmic-ray origin problem in general are:
  1. (1)

    Which classes of astronomical sources are generating large fluxes of relativistic particles and what kind of power are they emitting?

  2. (2)

    What is the trapping volume and what are the typical life times of the particles?

  3. (3)

    How do cosmic rays propagate?



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