Quantum Logic and Ensembles

  • Peter Gibbins
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Probability, as it appears in quantum mechanics, is a measure on the non- boolean lattice of propositions known as quantum logic. It is therefore no surprise that quantum probability is non-classical and that attempting to impose on quantum probability a classical ensemble interpretation leads to paradox. One such paradox is provided by the ignorance interpretation of mixtures, another by the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) thought-experiment. I shall argue, in reply to Dr. Redhead, that a quantum logical ensemble (QLE) interpretation of quantum mechanics resolves these paradoxes in a natural way and that in the case of the EPR paradox one need not invoke superluminal causal connections to account for the non-locality. This paper therefore has somewhat narrower scope than Dr. Redhead’s for I shall have no need to examine tachyonic mechanisms to explain the EPR correlations.


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