Simulation Studies on Robustness of the t- and u-Test against Truncation of the Normal Distribution

  • Friedrich Teuscher
Part of the Theory and Decision Library book series (TDLB, volume 1)


The aim of this simulation-study was to determine the influence of the truncation of a normal-distributed random variable (in practice occuring e. g. by selection) on the power functions of three tests, the t-test, the u-test and a modified Johnson-test. Particularly we were interested in finding sample sizes ensuring a good behaviour of the tests. More precisely, we looked for an no so that a test is “ε-robust” for n> n* (Herrendorfer, G., (ed.) (1980)).


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  • Friedrich Teuscher
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  1. 1.Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the GDRResearch Centre of Animal ProductionDummerstorf-RostockGermany

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