(Simple) Qualities and Resemblance

  • José A. Robles
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Several different attonpts have been made to solve the problan of resemblance (or similitude or likeness; here I shall use these terms as synonymous) among the so called simple qualities;1 I shall discuss some of them in this paper. Now, the orthodox view about this problem seems to be to formulate it in the following terms: there are qualities which are simple and similar. But then, if this is so, hew can we explain this fact (assuming it to be one) since it seems that, for resemblance to hold among entities, some sort of complexity has to be presupposed in then? Once the problem is put in these terms, it seems that for its solution one has to postulate the existence of an equally simple resemblance relation (it is clear that the relation cannot be characterized in terms of a partial identity of some sort), i.e. the one linking those simple entities.


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