The Importance of Wide-System Studies for Stellar Evolution and Galactic Dynamics

  • J. Dommanget


Wide pairs and wide multiple systems have been too much neglected during many years by visual double star astronomers with the argument that only close visual pairs (short periods) may lead to mass-determinations in a relatively short time interval. But mass-determination should not be considered as the only interest of double star astronomy, even if it is of a fundamental nature.

Today, it appears that researches on the origin and the evolution of the wide systems are urgently wanted, not only for the understanding of the evolution of the stellar medium, but also for a better knowledge of galactic dynamics. Some examples are given.

Presently, the main task for double star specialists will be an important improvement in double and multiple star census for all kind of systems: close, medium, and wide. The Hipparcos satellite will probably add some important informations in that respect but ground-based observations also remain of the highest importance (radial velocities, photometry, astrometry, etc.).


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