Effect of Grazing Method, Nitrogen Level, Supplementary Feeding and Stocking Rate on the Performance of Young Grazing Bulls

  • J. M. Bienfait
  • M. Gielen
  • P. Limbourg
  • C. van Eenaeme
Part of the Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science book series (CTVM, volume 28)


In 1981 and 1982 an experiment on beef production on pasture with growing fattening young bulls was started on permanent pastures situated on the plateau of the Belgian Ardennes. Rotational grazing and set-stocking were compared in association with the following factors: stocking rate, energetic concentrate supplement level and N-fertilizer intensity.

As a result of the high stocking rate (3209 kgLW/ha on average) and the excellent individual performances, weight gains from 1300 to over 1700 kg per hectare were observed. Performances were similar for the two grazing systems but rotational grazing required about 40% less fertilizer N per ha. Increasing the stocking rate by 32% (7.1 to 9.35 bulls/ha) resulted in higher weight gains per hectare with a concentrate supplement (+ 32%) than with an increase in N-manuring (+ 18%). Indeed in the former system weight gain per animal was maintained while it dropped by 11% in the latter. In the course of the grazing season it was more difficult to obtain good growth performances in mid-summer and in October shortly before the animals were removed from the pastures.


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  • J. M. Bienfait
    • 1
  • M. Gielen
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  • P. Limbourg
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  • C. van Eenaeme
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  1. 1.Faculté de Médicine VétérinaireBrusselsBelgium
  2. 2.Faculté des Sciences AgronomiquesGemblouxBelgium

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