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Do I need a computer?

  • John N. R. Jeffers
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Even within a few years, access to electronic computers has changed dramatically. Ten years ago, even if you had computer facilities close to where you lived or worked, access to those facilities would have been by leaving a batch of punched cards or a reel of punched paper tape on a desk in the computer department. Some time later, you would have received a pile of computer output, and perhaps some new cards or a new tape, together with your original cards or tape. If you were lucky, or very skilful, one of four runs on the computer would have achieved what you set out to do. The others would have been abortive because the operator did not understand your instructions, your program was incorrect, there was something wrong with your data, or some combination of all three. Under the most favourable conditions, you could have counted on about one successful run a day.


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