Spirit and Presentation

  • Robert Grant McRae
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Precisely how we are to understand the deployment and movement of moments within the Enzyklopädie is a question which receives no clear answer from Hegel’s writings themselves. Nowhere does he offer us a “method of presentation” delineated as such, and at the end of the system we are simply told that the concept of philosophy is the logical, but with the signification that it is universality certified in concrete content as in its actuality.1 Of course the manner in which we conceive the logical as certified in concrete content and as a spiritual result can take on different nuances, depending on whether we view the logical as abstracted from concrete spiritual life or as the absolute prius of spirit in general. It is this nuance which leads us, correspondingly, to seek a mechanism of presentation valid for the deployment of moments within the system as a whole either within the speculative analysis of spiritual externalization and recollection or within the pure clement of the logical concept.


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