Phytoplankton periodicity in a subtropical lake (Lake Kinneret, Israel)

  • Utsa Pollingher
Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 33)


Lake Kinneret is a subtropical monomictic lake characterized by a Pyrrhophyta-Chlorophyta assemblage, supplemented by Cyanophyta in some years. Concerning their abundance and seasonal occurrence, the phytoplanktonic algae belong to two groups: algae appearing in quantity at a definite annual period and algae present throughout the year. Four stages of algal succession occur in the lake. There is a marked periodicity in the phytoplankton composition with a high standing stock in winter-spring, due to the dinoflagellate water-bloom, and a low one during the summer months, related to the high stability of summer stratification. The annual succession at the species level has been an almost constant event in the lake for many years.

The increase in nutrient concentrations in 1973 and 1974 increased the diversity and abundance of algae (except Peridinium) but did not lead to significant changes in algal succession. Conversely, the decrease of the zooplankton grazing pressure in 1975 and 1976 facilitated the development of algal maxima during summer-fall. They were caused by nanoplanktonic forms, and they developmed without additional enrichment of nutrients. The algal abundance and diversity decreased. The years 1981 and 1982 were characterized by both an increase in phosphorous and a decrease in zooplankton. These conditions favord the concomitant abundance of many species and an increase of non-Pyrrhopyta biomass.


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