Influence of Planetary Motion and Radial Alignment of Planets on Sun

  • S. D. Verma
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 127)


The Tidal Force (T.F.) of planets on the Sun is evaluated. This small force is maximum due to Jupiter and it reduces for Venus, Earth, Mercury, Saturn and Mars in that order. Each time one or more planets are radially aligned with Jupiter then the T.F. increases. The influence of this force on Sun is shown in the records of the sunspots of the Sun over few centuries. This type of alignments occurs periodically with several periods. Evidence of all these periodicities is present in the line spectrum of sunspot numbers, recorded over 250 years. A model is proposed to explain the variation in the number of sunspots, with nominal periodicities of 11 and 22 years observed over several centuries. In this model it is suggested that the gravitational force of various planets on the surface of the Sun when planets radially align has an influence on the number of sunspots formed on the solar photosphere. In this paper a clear correlation is shown between the orbital parameters, specially alignment periods of Jupiter, Venus,Earth and Mercury with periodicites (lines) observed in the cariations of the sunspot number. Main periods (Currie,1973) are 11.1 and 23.6 years. Besides these many lower periods such as 5.68, 3.68, 2.68 and 2.17 years have been observed in the last one hundred years’ data. There is an evidence of a higher period of 66 years in the last 200 years of data. These periods or line frequencies are clearly seen in the spectrum analysis and are explained in a natural way in the model. In this work predictions of few higher frequencies are made.


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