Landscape Changes in Greece as a Result of Changing Climate During the Quaternary

  • R. Paepe
Conference paper


Eversince the Tertiary, landscape development underwent in Greece Typical Savanna-tropical conditions during the Early Pleistocene; semi-arid piedmont, and glacis development during the Middle Pleistocene and dry-desertic conditions during the later part of the Middle and the whole of the Late Pleistocene.

During the Holocene not less than 19 holocene soils occurred to exist interfering with fluviatile phases. As of 700 BC valleys are completely filled up, so that also present coastal configuration came into being.

Moreover after 700 BC, four dry phases occurred every 1000 years namely: 8th Cent. B.C., Middle to Late Roman, Middle Byzantine as well as todays desertification trend.


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