Functional Integral Techniques in Quantum Field Theory

  • Khavtgain Namsrai
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 13)


In recent years, the investigation and application of stochastic processes and quantized fields has concentrated on the different functional of these processes and fields. Such objects play, and it seems, will continue to play, a fundamental role in the development of mathematical and physical theories. Substantial success in the applications of functional methods has been obtained in quantum field theory. In this chapter the main attention is focussed on this problem, which was considered in more detail by Simon (1979); Glimm and Jaffe (1981); especially in the cases of gauge fields by Nash (1978); Faddeev and Slavnov (1980); and of stochastic fields by Langouche et al. (1979).


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