Solar Desalination Techniques

  • H. P. Garg


Adequate quality and reliability of driking water supply is a fundamental need of all people. Without potable or fresh water (less than about 550 parts per million, ppm, of salt) there is no human life. Industries and Agrigculture also need fresh water without which they can not function or thrive. Water is therefore the key to man’s prosperity; it is intimately associated with the evolution, civilisation and destiny; hence it is aptly said that water is everybody’s business. Fresh water which was obtained from rivers, lakes, and ponds is becoming scarce because of idustrialization and population explostion. Moreover these potable water sources are being polluted constantly by industrial wastes and large amounts of sewage. It is said that presently more than 2000 million people are not getting potable water which leads to many deseases and stops the development. In the past, also the shortage of fresh water existed but it was confined to arid and semi—arid regions and regions where only brackish water was available. But now due to industrialization and population rise, the shortage has come into prominence.


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