Harbor - A Program for Horizontal Load Analysis of Marine Structures

  • Stanko Brčić
Conference paper


The paper presents horizontal load analysis, both statical and dynamical, of marine structures. By marine structures we consider various piers, wharfs, dockes etc., i.e. structures consisting basically of a slab supported by a substantial number of vertical and raked piles. Equations of equilibrium and motion are formulated and special emhasis is given to the problem of impact of a ship. It is analyzed by direct evaluation of internal impulses and impact forces which are developed between the ship and the deck during impact.

FORTRAN computer code HARBOR has been developed for complete horizontal load analysis. The program has been used commercially in the main design of five river harbors in Yugoslavia, two of which are already in use, while another three are in construction.


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  • Stanko Brčić
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