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  • Stephan Körner
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Professor Marciszewski’s discussion of my conception of the structure and function of categorial frameworks, as propounded in my 1970 monograph, shows a full and, I am pleased to note, sympathetic understanding of the task which I set myself. It also contains some constructive and justified criticisms. Indeed some of the modifications proposed by him will be found in a book of mine which I submitted to the Cambridge University Press, before I had the benefit of studying his comments.1 My aim in both these books, as Marciszewski clearly sees, is not to develop and to defend my own metaphysics or, more particularly, my own categorial framework i.e. the supreme principles governing my thinking about what I take to be the world of intersubjective experience. It is to develop the general notion of categorial frameworks, of which my own is one example among many. Any attempt at fulfilling this task is exposed to the everpresent danger of confusing features peculiar to one’s own categorial framework with features characteristic of any such structure. While I do not claim to have been successful in avoiding this danger, I do claim that I have been fully aware of it. This awareness finds its probably clearest expression in the last chapter of my later book, which contains a brief synopsis of. the convictions which constitute my immanent and my transcendent metaphysics as well as my morality.


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