Interpretation and Self-Evidence: Husserl and Hermeneutics

  • David Carr
Part of the Phaenomenologica book series (PHAE, volume 106)


Hermeneutic philosophy, understood as a general theory of human understanding, is associated with the names of Paul Ricoeur and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Ricoeur and Gadamer developed their hermeneutic philosophies in relative independence of one another, and their theories first emerged in rather different forms: Gadamer’s in 1960 in Wahrheit und Methode, a historically presented conception applied primarily to the practice of the humanistic disciplines; Ricoeur’s in 1965 in De l’interpretation, an essay on Freud.1 But both philosophers take their cue from Heidegger in Being and Time and this lends their efforts a common provenance and a common accent.


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