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Grading, Storage, Pre-treatments and Blending

  • R. J. Clarke


Following the processing of coffee cherries to provide the green coffee beans of commerce, described in the first chapter, the next stages of processing, carried out only in the consuming countries, involve the conversion of these beans to coffee products in forms suitable for brewing to give the final beverage. The key operation is the roasting of the beans (described in Chapter 4), but the green coffees that are available require first to be selected and then in most cases blended before roasting. The green coffees may also need to be stored before use, and furthermore may need to be pre-treated by certain physical operations for cleaning, or indeed for removal of some particular component, such as caffeine, which may be unwanted in certain markets. All these different operations (except decaffeination, which is covered in Chapter 3), are therefore described in the following sections.


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