Glutamine Synthetase, a Marker of an Astroglial Subpopulation in Mouse Brain

  • M. Tardy
  • C. Fages
  • M. Kheli
  • B. Rolland
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The elucidation of the molecular mechanism of brain detoxification is an important neurochemical problem. Ammonia neutralization in brain is performed by astrocytes through the effect of an enzyme directly implicated in glutamate metabolism: glutamine synthetase (GS) (L-glutamateammonia ligase, ADP-forming, EC Glutamine is formed from glutamate and is a diffusible molecule that can be released directly by astrocytes. GS is subject to a variety of control mechanisms in bacterial (1). In mammalian cells, hormonal regulation of GS has been shown in liver cells (2, 3), in chick retina (4), and, more recently, in astrocytes (5–7). GS activity in brain was immunochemically restricted to astrocytes (8, 9), but in astrocytic primary cultures the assay of GS-specific activity did not reflect preferential localization.

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Glutamine synthetase Astroglia Markers Glia 


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  • C. Fages
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  • M. Kheli
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  • B. Rolland
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