Insulin and glucagon infusion therapy in acute alcoholic hepatitis

  • J. Fehér
  • A. Cornides
  • A. Gógl
  • A. Romány
  • M. Kárteszi
  • L. Szalay
  • J. Picazo


Alcohol consumption is probably the commonest self-induced injury to the liver nowadays, and the most frequent cause of chronic liver disease. In Western countries the incidence of liver cirrhosis can be directly related to the quantity of consumed alcohol. The death rate in different communities correlates quite well with alcohol consumption1. Table 8.1 shows alcohol consumption (absolute alcohol in litres) in 1983, according to data from the World Health Organization. However, these data vary and, for instance, in the last ten years the consumption of alcohol per capita has decreased in France and increased in Hungary.


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  • J. Fehér
  • A. Cornides
  • A. Gógl
  • A. Romány
  • M. Kárteszi
  • L. Szalay
  • J. Picazo

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