Polarization in CH Cygni During Quiet and Active Phases

  • M. H. Rodriguez
Conference paper
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Our wide-band Polarimetric observations of CH Cyg began in 1974 and continued in 1976 and 1984. During the first two observational seasons the star was in quiet phase between two outbursts, in 1984 the latest outburst that began in 1977 was declining. Figure shows mean values of the degree of polarization P and the position angle ⍬ for the different observational periods. Standard errors calculated by photon noise statistics are 0.02–0.04% for P and 1–5% for ⍬ .


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  • M. H. Rodriguez
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  1. 1.Main Astronomical ObservatoryUkrainian Academy of SciencesKiev-127USSR

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