The Prefaces by Menasseh ben Israel and Jacob Judah Leon Templo to the Vocalized Mishnah (1646)

  • Richard H. Popkin
  • David S. Katz
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It is known throughout the world that the Mishnaioth are the crown and splendour of the Jews wherever they be scattered, for they are concise regulations incorporating the most select interpretations of all the commandments of our law received on Sinai, more precious than gold. Yet I saw many of the most wise and learned of my people stuttering over the pronunciation of many words instead of being precise. Few comprehend the conjugation of the verbs and the laws of accentuation, nor the pronouns, and so do not know their right from their left. I said to myself in my heart, the time has come to serve God and to open an entry to students who have been reading for days and years, to make it easier for them with pointing and signs to lighten their burdens, for the meanings are hidden and sealed.


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