The evolution of alternative life styles in Coleoptera

  • Sebastian Endrödy-Younga
Part of the Perspectives in vertebrate science book series (PIVS, volume 6)


A brief review is given of the diversity in life cycles and life styles in Coleoptera. Modifications experienced today as group properties are reduced to changes that were initiated at the species level in an earlier time of the groups’ evolution. The adaptive and stepwise, species-to-species nature of most of the experienced alternatives is demonstrated by examples. In some cases modifications in life history (Micromalthidae) and in morphology (Nosodendridae) can hardly be understood as adaptive and as stepwise. A case of suspected macromutation is offered as an alternative to how an organism might acquire a major modification.

Key words

Beetles Ontogeny Metamorphosis Morphology Macromutation Habitat selection Parasitism 


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  • Sebastian Endrödy-Younga
    • 1
  1. 1.Transvaal MuseumPretoriaSouth Africa

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