Canyon Mountain Ophiolite : Possible Origin in an Island Arc

  • A. Nicolas
Part of the Petrology and Structural Geology book series (PESG, volume 4)


Until Miyashiro (1973), ophiolites were regarded as fragments of oceanic lithosphere generated at midoceanic spreading centers. Now island arc basalt signatures have been detected in many ophiolitic volcanics and the marginal basin-island arc origin for ophiolites has become increasingly popular (§ 8.3). Considering the importance of this issue, it seems useful to include in the description of selected ophiolite complexes, the Canyon Mountain case for which concerned authors postulate that the geodynamic environment of origin was an island arc. Striking differences appear with a typical ophiolite like Oman; however, it would be prematurate to claim that they reflect the differences between ophiolites formed in an island arc and in a mid-oceanic ridge.


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