Bogota Peninsula and NE Districts of New Caledonia — Wadi Tayin in Oman Coastal Complex of Newfoundland: Possible Origin in Transform Faults

  • A. Nicolas
Part of the Petrology and Structural Geology book series (PESG, volume 4)


Ophiolite massifs or districts in ophiolitic massifs which are good examples of oceanic fracture zones are not common. Ophiolites with crustal features 0065voking this environment are found in Cyprus, the Arakapas Valley (Moores and Vine, 1971; Simonian and Gass, 1978) and the adjacent Limassol Forest (Murton, 1986; Murton and Gass, 1986), Gibbs Island in the Shetlands (De Wit et al., 1977), the northern Apennines (Abbate et al., 1980) and the Coastal Complex of Newfoundland (Karson and Dewey, 1978; Karson, 1984). A situation somewhat comparable to this last example has been reported from the SW Sierra Nevada Foot Hills of California, although structural evidence and in particular the steep plunge of high temperature lineations (Saleeby, 1978) suggests a more complex origin (Saleeby, 1982). In these massifs the evidence for an oceanic fracture zone environment is mainly found in the mafic section. In particular in the Arakapas valley of Cyprus, it is still possible to observe the seafloor and shallow formations of a paleo-transform fault. The fault is indicated by the valley morphology, the presence of polymict breccias representing relief screes over the basaltic floor and a complex E-W to NE-SW diabase dike pattern compared to that of adjacent domains, regularly N-S oriented.


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