Xigaze and Trinity Ophiolites — Plagioclase Lherzolite Massifs: The Lherzolite Ophiolite Type

  • A. Nicolas
Part of the Petrology and Structural Geology book series (PESG, volume 4)


A few ophiolite massifs depart from the Oman type and seem to define a specific trend. In contrast with the Oman ophiolite, which is characterised by a depleted harzburgitic ultramafic section and defines the Harzburgite Ophiolite Type (HOT), these massifs which, among several other pecularities, have a lherzolitic or sublherzolitic ultramafic section, define the Lherzolitic Ophiolite Type (LOT) (Boucher and Nicolas, 1985). The differences between HOT and LOT are summarized and discussed in chapter 8.


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