Oman Ophiolite: The Harzburgite Ophiolite Type

  • A. Nicolas
Part of the Petrology and Structural Geology book series (PESG, volume 4)


Although the first detailed report on the Oman ophiolite is recent (Reinhardt, 1969), it is now one of the best studied complexes and is often considered to be the best example of ophiolites in the world. It is indeed the largest, with a crescent-shaped extension over 500 km in length and 50–100 km in width (fig.3.1 and 3.2). The Papua-New Guinea ophiolite, which has a general setting and shape comparable to the Oman ophiolite, is not substantially smaller (400 km × 20–50 km) but, due to the heavy vegetal cover and to difficulties of access its study is far less advanced (Davies, 1971, 1980). On the other hand, in Oman the exposures are beautiful and the access easy.


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