Coherence and the Truth Connection: A reply to my critics

  • Keith Lehrer
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 44)


To reply to the interesting articles in this volume, I shall need to supply a brief summary of my views specifically designed to meet the objections contained in these articles. I defend a coherence theory of justification which I have modified and, I believe, improved since the publication of Knowledge, though the main ideas have remained constant. I define a notion of justification based on a background system, what I now call anacceptance system of a person at a time. To say that a person accepts that p, crudely reformulated, is to say that he is in a certain kind of functional state which typically arises when a person reflectively judges that p with the objective of judging that p if and only if p. The functional role of the state is manifested in thought, inference and action. Though such a functional state may arise from reflective judgment, it most often arises unreflectively. I shall say more about what acceptance amounts to subsequently when discussing the article by Bender and Davis.


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