Chemorheology of Reacting Systems

  • John M. Dealy
  • Kurt F. Wissbrun


The term chemorheology was first introduced by Tobolsky et al. [1, 2] to describe their research on the “chemical stress relaxation” of cross-linked rubbers. They found that the stress in a stretched specimen decayed to zero over a long period of time, a behavior incompatible with the concept of a cross-linked structure. They concluded that cross-links had been gradually lost in the strained sample so that the apparent relaxation was actually due to a chemical change and was not a viscoelastic effect. More recently, the term has come to be used to describe the study of rheological changes occurring during the course of any chemical reaction.


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  • Kurt F. Wissbrun
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  2. 2.Hoechst Celanese Research DivisionSummitUSA

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