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In contemporary discussion on science and religion a variety of views are expressed and a diversity of models are used to describe their relation. Most of these contributions are very helpful in the dialogue between the different disciplines and areas of thinking. It must be borne in mind, however, that they are human constructions, attempts to understand, no more; they all present in essence a kind of particularity. That is, they discuss only aspects of reality, particular experiences of perception and of awareness, realization, not the comprehensiveness of reality itself. With respect to the question of the whole of reality, one cannot objectify, but only participate. Reflections in which the whole of things is considered must necessarily be particular, fixed as they are by the specific points of view of the different partners in the dialogue. Distinct cultural and biographical traditions, indeed, give rise to corresponding world-views. Their meeting, therefore, often results in confrontation and encounter as enemies. Consequently, a long process of conversation may be needed in order to come to true mutual understanding, and such understanding is the precondition for the reconstruction of old models, and the creation of new models, of the inter-relationship between science and theology.


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  1. In this lecture some points of view that were either held or put forward by speakers at the conference are considered. The pertinent texts can all be found in this volume with one exception: The reference to K. Schmitz-Moormann concerns his contribution to the First European Conference on Science and Religion; the texts in question have been published in: Svend Andersen and Arthur Peacocke, Evolution and Creation, Aarhus University Press, Aarhus 1987.Google Scholar
  2. The work of A.M.K(laus) Müller referred to in the text is his Die präparierte Zeit, Radius Bücher, Stuttgart 1972, and his ‘Die Identität des Menschen und die Identität der wissenschaftlichtechnischen Welt’ published in: A.M.Klaus Müller (ed.), Zukunftsperspektiven, J. F. Steinkopf Verlag, Stuttgart 1976.Google Scholar
  3. A general reference volume is: Jürgen Hübner (ed.), Der Dialog zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaft. Ein bibliographischer Bericht, Chr. Kaiser, Munich 1987.Google Scholar

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