On Problems of Recycling Nuclear Submarines at “Zvezda” Plant

  • V. A. Maslakov
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASDT, volume 8)


The “Zvezda” Far Eastern plant started recycling in 1989 when it tried to combine the work on the “Procedure” (cutting-out of missile compartments in pursuance of SALT-I) with complete disassembly of bow and aft ends of nuclear submarines and formation of three-compartment units (reactor compartment plus two adjacent ones). This decision was made by the Pacific Fleet Commander-in-Chief and the director of the “Zvezda” plant. Later the technology was further developed by the ship designer and approved as the basic one by the Directorate of Shipbuilding Industry of the RF State Committee for Defense Branches of Industry. The necessity of the decision stemmed from the fact that the nuclear submarines (NSs) put through the “Procedure” had to be stored at the Pacific Fleet’s bases, and this was not supported by moorings and available power supply, or by adequate financing for maintenance of NSs which had been cut, docked, sealed and put afloat.


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